Product Returns

We will not accept returns on our products for the following reason: Coffee and tea are members of the food category, and cannot be returned unless spoiled. Our loose teas, and filtered iced teas will retain their optimum flavor for at least one year, and our roasted coffee beans will retain their quality and flavor for at least 6 months. Baxter Tea Company will never sell any products that are nearing or past their prime (unless clearly marked as such via clearance sales).

We want you to be confident and happy with our company and the products we offer. Contact us immediately (within 2 days upon receiving your order) if you have received damaged items. We will accept returns for immediate exchange of damaged items purchased within 14 days of receipt. Opened/unsealed items will NOT be accepted for return or exchange. Upon return, all items will be weighed to ensure the product is of its full value, and no tampering has occurred. Again, any products that have been tampered with and do not meet their initial weight requirement will not be accepted for return or exchange.

A 25% restocking fee will be applied to all packages returned to us, as result of an incorrect address provided, or in the case that all delivery attempts made by the carrier were unsuccessful. This 25% fee will cover the shipping charges incurred when USPS returns your order to Baxter Tea Company.

CONSUMER TIP: Customers who may be unsure if they will like a particular coffee should start by ordering one of our sample sizes (4oz). We have created these smaller sized packages to allow customers to explore new flavors without having to purchase a 12oz bag.

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